Q • Are there any restrictions with the current FREE EVALUATION version?

None, you can install and run BMM64.exe on as many systems as you wish.

However, if you wish to incorporate the dll into your own project(s) then you will need purchase a license to use the dll.

Q • Can I use BadMailManager to search / manage any other text files?

Yes, you can use BMM64.exe to search any text files.

Q • Can I search non text files?

BadMailManager can search most files, it simply replaces non printable characters with spaces before performing any advanced search and before displaying a file in Viewer-Browser mode first.

Q • How fast is the search?

The speed will vary with the complexity of the search conditions and the speed of the equipment. Viewer mode is the quickest, on a basic 4 core Windows 2008R2 server with one advanced condition (we used the word 'hotmail') it will search around 2,500 files a second. NB. The report mode is the slowest so if you have 10,000+ files in the source folder we recommend always first test your search using the Viewer mode.