These downloads include both the exe and dll ready for one click install.

Download, unpack and run the exe.
NB. The exe is a setup kit which displays the license agreement and runs the .NET One Click installer.

As zip file

As tar file BMM64.tar

The DLL - BMM64_DLL.dll

Download this if you wish to incorporate the dll into your own code or play around with our sample code
NB. The un-registered version of the dll is restricted and will return a maximum of 10 matching files. Contact sales at to purchase a license for the dll which will remove this restriction.

As zip file

As tar file BMM64_DLL.tar


Download a Zipped version of our introductory video (MP4 format) which will gives you a quick overview of how Badmailmanager works BadMailManagerIntro Video

Sample Code

On the Sample Code tab