BadMailManager is an application that enables you to search any folders, including mailroot folders, for undelivered and undeliverable emails.

You can:

  • Archive files - move to another folder
  • Copy to another folder
  • Delete
  • List - on screen*
  • List - as a CSV file
  • View using our viewer / file browser*

* You can also use these options to archive, copy or delete individual files

BadMailManager consists of two components:

  • A friendly user interface (exe)
  • The processing engine (dll)

The search and extraction processes are done within the dll, you can use this functionality by Integrating the BMM64 dll into you own applications.

  • Remotely administer your mailroot folders by creating you own web pages that call the BadMailManager dll, a sample ASP.NET file finder and viewer is included in our Sample Code section.
  • Assist with managing mailing lists by incorporating the BadMailManager dll within you own email housekeeping applications. You can extract details of undelivered emails as a VB.NET collection or a CSV file and use that data to clean mail address databases.

General Search

  • File Size (min and max)
  • Date file Created
    • Date range (from and to)
    • Within the last X days
    • Within the last X hours

Advanced Searching

You can apply up to 99 sets of advanced searching rules. Each set consists of three different types of search rule:

  • Domain email was sent from
    and / or
  • Any line within the email
    and / or
  • Wild card text search

Watch The Video

We have prepared a 7 minute demonstration video which you can watch on YouTube.

Or you can download a Zipped version of the video file (MP4 format) here.


  • Normal Mode - Our download is currently free and includes the exe & dll. The exe comes with its special license and as long as you access the dll via that exe you can use the free license.
  • DLL only - If you wish to use the dll in any other way e.g. Via ASP.NET pages or your own app, you will need to purchase a license from ourselves. Please contact sales@nectare.co.uk with your details, the number of servers you wish to install the dll on and we will send you a quotation.